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Trapline Adventures Alberta Canada
Alberta utfitters & guides offer trapline tours in Alberta Canada
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Alberta Trapline Adventures
The trapping of lynx, marten, fisher, wolf, and wolverine has been a traditional pursuit in western Canada since the mid-1600s. It helped open the country to exploration and started the commerce that eventually built a nation. Trapping continues today in Alberta. Trapping is a viable use of a natural renewable resource. Each trapper is responsible for managing the furbearers on his or her trapping area. Trappers are concerned with the well-being of the resource and ensure the animals they harvest can easily be replaced by the naturally reproducing wild populations. Indeed, without concerned trappers in the field constantly assessing furbearer populations, we would not be aware of the status of many of these species of Alberta wildlife.

Spend time on a working trapline and experience the great Alberta wilderness. Travel the trapline in search of beaver, lynx, marten, fisher, wolf and wolverine. Learn the ancient art of trapping by participating in the day to day activities with the trapper, setting & checking traps and pelt preparation. Explore a remote Alberta trap line, there will be plenty of opportunity to trap numerous fur bearing mammals such as lynx, martin, fisher, beaver, wolverine and wolf. Book your next trapline adventure in Alberta Canada.

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Alberta trapline adventures
Alberta Canada Trapline Adventures & Tours
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