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Hunting Outfitters  in Alberta Canada

Bighorn SheepHunting in Alberta Canada
Alberta Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep hunting outfitters & guides offer sheep hunts throughout Alberta Canada
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Alberta Canada Bighorn Sheep Hunting Guides & Outfitters
There are 2 hunting outfitters in our directory offering Bighorn Sheep hunts in Alberta.
Please review each of the outfitters listed below and contact them directly for more information about their sheep hunts.

black bear hunting outfitters trophy picturesAndré van Hilten's Willow Creek Outfitters
André van Hilten
(403) 549-0111
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Big Horn Sheep Hunts
The most prestigious, regal and recognized big game animal in North America is the Rocky Mountain sheep. If you are thinking of going after your first ram, need a bighorn to complete your grand slam, or have hunted them before and want another great wilderness sheep hunt, this is the hunt for you! This is a true, remote wilderness hunt where we start with horses to get into the sheep area and then we will resort to a backpack style hunt once in the high country. This will be the most efficient way to hunt the sheep in this area, maximizing our time afield so we can find you that great ram of your dreams. Many of us have been putting in for limited sheep draws throughout the western states but odds are so low and they get worse as more people apply that we may never get drawn. Our sheep tags are guaranteed for non-residents, no drawing required! This hunt will be fourteen days in duration in the month of September with experienced sheep guides. Being in good condition is a must for this hunt and one must prepare physically and mentally long before the hunt begins. There is no better feeling than that of successfully taking a wild sheep. It is the whole experience; the preparation, the vast country these animals inhabit and the effort needed just to get in to it. This hunt will provide you with all of this and the reward is grand! Come join us and experience it for yourself! Please call us for more hunt details and current pricing.

black bear hunting outfitters trophy picturesTimberline Guiding
Paul Pierunek
(403) 638-5395
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Big Horn Sheep Hunts
Our Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep hunts take place in the Clearwater area of west Central, Alberta. Situated entirely in the Canadian Rockies and the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Alberta, it is a glacier fed upper reach tributary of the North Saskatchewan River. As the name implies, the Clearwater River is an unspoiled river in a breathtaking wilderness, set against the backdrop of the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. I grew up in this sheep country and hunting these majestic animals is a true passion of mine. Guiding hunters watching a client harvest such a coveted and magnificent trophy is a privilege. I am committed and dedicated to putting in the time and effort of scouting and finding trophy rams. At Timberline Guiding, we put out an unmatched effort to provide each hunter great opportunities on Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep. The characteristics of these animals combined with the topography of their habitat provide the optimum challenge to hunters interested in scoring a trophy ram. Due to our experience and in depth knowledge of the area, we have enjoyed a success very near 100 percent. Upon your arrival, we drive just over two hours to the trail head by vehicle and then depart with saddle horses & pack horses for a 2 1/2 - 4 hour horse ride to the main camp. We utilize horses and hunt from roving camps with backpacks. Our day is spent glassing the slopes and moving until a trophy class Ram spotted. We stay in high country backpack camps. You will stay in comfortable heated wall tents with sleeping bags, cook stove and thermo rests, all stored at strategic locations for the most optimal hunting experience. Our mission is to offer you an exceptional and rewarding big horn sheep hunting experience. Contact us for your next sheep hunting trip in Alberta Canada.

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Alberta Bighorn Sheep Hunting Guides & Outfitters
Alberta is home of the bighorn sheep! Sheep hunting in Alberta has gained a worldwide reputation. Anyone who has ever dreamed or yearned of hunting the most prominent & revered bighorn sheep should come to Alberta!

Alberta Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep have always been a premier trophy for sportsmen from around the world. Many trophy size sheep are found in the northern part of Alberta as well as in the south. No matter where you hunt, sheep hunting is tough, but add snow, high winds and sub-zero conditions, and the hunt becomes ultra-extreme.

Many sheep can be found in rocky gorges and in the timbered foothills as well as the highest mountain peaks. There is no predicting where you will find rams. Bighorn sheep grow up to six feet in length, live up to 12 years and can weigh as much as 300 pounds. Rocky Mountain bighorns live in the grassy alpine of the Rockies, usually at altitudes of 5,000 to 10,000 feet. This is truly a hunt of a lifetime, for the rugged hunter that is looking for a challenging pursuit of the premiere big game trophy.

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Alberta Canada Whitetail Deer Hunting Guides & Outfitters
There are 2 hunting outfitters in our directory offering Whitetail Deer hunts in Alberta.
Please review each of the outfitters listed below and contact them directly for more information about their whitetail hunts.