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Cougar Hunting in Alberta Canada
Alberta Canada cougar hunting outfitters & guides offer trophy cougar hunts throughout Alberta Canada
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Alberta Canada Cougar Hunting Guides & Outfitters
There are 2 hunting outfitters in our directory offering cougar hunts in Alberta.
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black bear hunting outfitters trophy pictures Double Diamond Outfitters
Gordon Burton
(403) 931-3166
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Cougar Hunts
DOUBLE DIAMOND OUTFITTERS HARVESTED THE #1 COUGAR IN ALBERTA! The amazing cougar shown in the picture was taken by Terry Klassen in January 1999. It was measured by a panel of three official Boone and Crockett Club measurers and achieved a final score of 16.0", ranking it #1 for Alberta and fourth i..
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black bear hunting outfitters trophy pictures Timberline Guiding
Paul Pierunek
(403) 638-5395
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Cougar Hunts
Cougar hunts are in the foothills of the Rockies in the southern part of Alberta. This includes some Crown land hunting and also permission to private land. The game populations in these areas are doing very well and so do the cats. The mountainous areas west of us have very little access and it..
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Alberta Cougar Hunting Guides & Outfitters
The cougar is North America's largest member of the cat family. This alert, secretive animal is rarely seen which makes cougar hunting a real challenge. Cougar hunting is a rugged adventures and a unique hunting experience. Growing up to 10 feet long and weighing in at close to 200 pounds gives the hunter an opportunity to harvest a real trophy.

The cougar lives in ragged, forested areas, canyons and dense swamps at altitudes as high as 13,000 feet. In Alberta, a hunter will usually find cougars primarily in southern mountains and foothills, but occasionally they may be seen in other areas. Cougar hunting is regulated in Alberta. This is an effort to preserve these cats for the future population.

Cougar hunting begins the first of December and continues through the end of February. Cougar seasons are quota seasons that close early for resident hunters if the quota is reached in any given zone. The population has been very well managed which allows for better cougar hunting opportunities.

The best way to cougar hunt is to use hounds. The hounds will follow the cougar track and with alot of hard work and a little luck you will find a treed cougar at the end of the trail. The dogs will corner them up trees and hold the cat there. This gives the hunter an opportunity to get a good look at the animal and decide whether or not to let it go. This method gives the hunter an excellent chance of taking home a trophy cougar.

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