Bison Hunting in Alberta Canada. Outfitters and guides offering guided free range bison hunts in Alberta, Canada
Hunting Outfitters  in Alberta Canada

Bison Hunting in Alberta Canada
Alberta bison hunting outfitters & guides offer free range wild bison hunts in northern Alberta Canada
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Alberta Canada Bison Hunting Guides & Outfitters
There are 2 hunting outfitters in our directory offering free range bison hunts in Alberta.
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black bear hunting outfitters trophy pictures Boss Outfitting & Wilderness Adventures
Terance Boss
(780) 717-2825
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Bison Hunts
Hunt wild, native, free ranging woods bison in scenic northern Alberta, Canada. Hunt buffalo as they were 200 years ago with very little human influence. You will encounter these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. You must be in good physical condition to embark on this exclusive tour. In Alberta we have several free ranging herds of bison, of which only one can be hunted. It is known that the bison have always existed in this range and have never been pushed out of the area by man...
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black bear hunting outfitters trophy pictures Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts
Jeremy Hatala
(403) 843-4049
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Bison Hunts
We are excited to offer a Winter Wood Bison hunt & Wolf hunt! After much scouting and preparation we are ready to take you into the far reaches of Alberta's North. These Bison are as they were 300 years ago and trophy potential is tremendous. Hunt out of a winter tent camp using snow machines for transportation. Great distances will be covered trying to cut tracks in the snow, and once we have them located, follow up on foot where the excitement really begins. Known as the Cape Buffalo of North America,..
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Alberta Bison Hunting
Free ranging wild bison are one of North America’s most unique and impressive trophies. One of the few places you can hunt wild, free-ranging bison is in Alberta.
Alberta offers one of the very few opportunities to hunt these magnificent animals in a truly fair chase situation. Alberta's population of buffalo was an area of boreal forest, parkland and open wetlands along the Peace, Athabasca and Slave Rivers in northern Alberta. These bison were designated as a separate subspecies, based on several perceived characteristics such as larger size and darker coloration.

Bison utilize scattered pockets of grass/sedge habitat along beaver ponds, sloughs and bog lakes. Bison may be hunted anywhere they are found in northern Alberta, except within the Wood Buffalo National Park and within a new Bison Protection Area in northwestern Alberta, where they have been recently re-introduced.

Contrary to the popular perception of a bison hunt, this may be one of the toughest hunting experiences on the continent! Most of this region can only be travelled in winter when the creeks and muskegs are frozen. Hunters may travel up to 100 miles in a day by snowmobile searching for fresh tracks, which if found must be followed up on foot. The rewards for the dedicated hunter can be great however. Studies have shown that many of the bulls in this area are positively ancient, and trophy potential very high. As well, there is the satisfaction of having hunted one of the rarest and most awesome trophies, a true free ranging bison on its northern range!

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