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Double Diamond Outfitters
Gordon Burton
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hunting outfitters trophy picturesMany people are surprised to learn that not only does Canada have a good population of pronghorn antelope, but that south-eastern Alberta's prairie country produces many super trophies every year. Alberta antelope are renowned for exceptional mass. Recent changes in antelope management have allowed more pronghorn bucks to reach maturity, resulting in bigger trophies than ever before being taken. The record book is being re-written nearly every year.

We have an outstanding success rate on pronghorn antelope, with an average harvest size of 15". We offer a 5 day hunt to ensure ample time to look over numerous trophy antelope. The season varies slightly year to year, within the late September to late October time frame, and depends on the zone that we are hunting. Our northern unit usually opens the last Monday in September, the southern unit opens three weeks later. This is a very enjoyable hunt, often with warm and sunny autumn weather. There is always plenty of game to see and lots of action! Ranch house or motel accommodation is provided.

We also offer an opportunity for our pronghorn hunters to include some mule deer hunting on their trip to Alberta. Visit our web site: for further information about our Alberta mule deer hunts. Other species such as whitetail, moose, bear, etc. can also be added, depending upon licence availability at time of booking. The current price list is also available on our website.
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Antelope Hunting in Alberta Canada
Hunting pronghorn antelope is restricted to adjacent southern corners of Alberta and Saskatchewan consisting of some 40,000 square miles of pronghorn habitat. The Alberta prairie is the northern limit of pronghorn range. 82 is the Boone and Crockett minimum, and records show that more antelope are making the book now then in the past.

The pronghorn is the fastest North American mammal. It is capable of speeds estimated at 80-95 km/h in short bursts. Pronghorns travel in small herds, and signal each other by raising the white hair on their rumps which flashes in the sunlight for long distances on the prairie. They can see long distances and have very keen eyesight.

Antelope hunting has always been by spot and stalk. The trick to hunting antelope is remembering how good an antelope's eyes are! Hunting pronghorns with binoculars and then stalking them works well since you can spot them before they spot you. The best time of year to hunt them is during the breeding season because they will be too caught up in their mating displays to notice predators. On an average day a hunter may see over 100 antelope. Most of those will be in herds from half a dozen to twenty or more and at least half a dozen bucks will score 70 Boone & Crockett or better! A person who takes his time looking over the bucks (and can shoot straight) should go home with an antelope on the good side of 15 inches.

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