Alberta Canada waterfowl hunting outfitters. Fully guided goose hunts and duck hunts in Alberta Canada. Venture North Outfitting offers guided waterfowl hunts in Alberta, Canada. ContactAaron Sauer to book your next Alberta goose hunting and duck hunting trip

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Hunting Waterfowl in Alberta Canada

Venture North Outfitting offers goose hunts and duck hunts in Alberta.
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We offer hunts for: Waterfowl

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Alberta Waterfowl Hunting
Located in the heart of western Canada's central flyway, VNO offers 3 day duck hunts and goose hunts for a range of local and migrating waterfowl. During your waterfowl hunt, you will experience a variety of field or water shoots. In the early season, attention is focused on the high density of resident birds. As the migration commences new ducks & geese are constantly moving in. Although giant Canada geese and Mallard ducks are a mainstay, on any given day you may have the opportunity to take liberal limits of Lesser Canada's, White-fronted Geese, Snow, Ross' or Blue Geese and, on occasion even a wide range of diver ducks.

Using state-of-the-art portable equipment, we put our waterfowl hunters in the heart of the action among our lifelike spread of decoys. Typical shoots occur in pea or barley fields and/or potholes. Goose hunting and duck hunting Alberta's famous agricultural belt, we consistently put you into fast-paced action for some of the finest waterfowling in the world!

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