Alberta Canada waterfowl hunting outfitters. Fully guided goose hunts and duck hunts in Alberta Canada. Green Island Outfitters Ltd. offers guided waterfowl hunts in Alberta, Canada. ContactAllen Trider to book your next Alberta goose hunting and duck hunting trip

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Hunting Waterfowl in Alberta Canada

Green Island Outfitters Ltd. offers goose hunts and duck hunts in Alberta.
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We offer hunts for: Black Bear, Elk, Moose, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Waterfowl

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Alberta Waterfowl Hunting
The Peace Region of Alberta, Canada is one of the first agricultural areas where geese and ducks begin their migration south. A local abundance of agricultural fields provide a excellent feed source. There are hundreds of thousands of migrating and nesting waterfowl in this area and you will limit out each day. We hunt Canada geese, snow geese, Speckled, Ross, Pintails, and Mallard ducks over lakes, potholes and grain fields. With all the migrating and nesting waterfowl in this region, it is not uncommon to see 100,000's of ducks and geese on your waterfowl hunt. With three major flyways filtering through this area, there is no shortage of waterfowl, making your duck and goose hunting trip something to remember! We start out early in the morning and set up decoys and get our layout blinds ready before sunrise so you are ready to start shooting as soon as the sun comes up. Our guide uses various calls to attract the birds giving you prime opportunity to hit your limit each day. The sky is full of geese and ducks and we will put you on birds every time you hunt.

Hunts are conducted from our 4,700 square foot log lodge which has all the modern conveniences, including telephone, internet access, hot showers and satellite television. This makes for a very comfortable hunt and a great place to socialize with the other hunters when you are not in the field. Most of our guides are local and have been with us for several years, so they are very familiar with the country and the local land owners.

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