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Smoky River Outfitting offers Elk hunts in Alberta.
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We offer hunts for: elk, moose, mule deer, whitetail, black bear

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Alberta Elk Hunting
Hunting With Smoky River Outfitting

Rifle & Archery Elk Rut Hunt
We have guaranteed rifle elk permits during the peak of the rut not many places in North America can offer this. Our areas elk population has been growing steadily since I started outfitting in 1997. We now have elk everywhere in our zone they used to be in our zone, they used to be in select pockets here and there but have spread throughtout. As the numbers increase so does the size. This is an exciting hunt with great rutting action at close range due to heavy cover.

We offer a limited amount of elk hunts each year. You will have a chance to see a number of bulls over the 3 point minimum. The elk we have taken range from 200 to 350 Boone and Crockett points.

These rut hunts are along the Simmonette River accessible by Argo and ATV. This is a rifle or bowhunt during the peak of rut. Bulls are called in, most within 50 yards due to the heavy cover and intense rut.

Archery Only Elk Rut Hunt This hunt takes place in tight cover with bulls bugling hard this will give the most experienced hunter a rush like never before. We only take up to 4 archery elk hunters a year so space is limited this keeps success rates high.

Archery, rifle, or muzzleloader you choose. We are experienced with all three. You will not find an outfit with better success on fair chase bulls in North America.

Please send us an email or visit our website for more information or to book your Elk hunt with us.
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