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Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts offers Bison hunts in Alberta.
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Alberta Bison Hunting
hunting outfitters trophy picturesWe are excited to offer a Winter Wood Bison hunt & Wolf hunt! After much scouting and preparation we are ready to take you into the far reaches of Alberta's North. These Bison are as they were 300 years ago and trophy potential is tremendous. Hunt out of a winter tent camp using snow machines for transportation. Great distances will be covered trying to cut tracks in the snow, and once we have them located, follow up on foot where the excitement really begins. Known as the Cape Buffalo of North America, these bulls have bad attitudes and are almost invisible in the heavy timber! This hunt is not for the weak of heart and if you cannot tolerate cold, is not the hunt for you. However, if your adventurous and ready to get remote pursuing dangerous game, it could very well be the greatest thing you have ever done in your hunting career!

We include wolf hunting when you join us on a Bison hunt. for a fantastic opportunity to harvest one of north Americas most elusive animals. In Alberta there is no limit on the number of wolves you may harvest so this increases your chance at taking home some real trophies.

If the cold is not for you, we still offer these Wood Bison hunts as an add on to our bear hunts. The weather is much warmer and ATV's are used to get around. On this hunt it is more of a come across them then actively pursue them. With that said the opportunity is still there and a number of fantastic Wood Bison bulls have been taken on our Black Bear Hunts.

Allow D.D.W.H. to make your next hunting adventure a trip you will cherish forever. Your trophy room will love us! Please send us an email, visit our photo gallery and website for more information about our hunts.

Call Jeremy Hatala to book your next Alberta hunting adventure:
(403) 843-4049

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