Alberta Canada wild bison hunting outfitters. Fully guided free range wild bison hunts in Alberta Canada. Boss Outfitting offers guided bison hunts in Alberta, Canada. Contact Terance Boss to book your next Alberta bison hunting trip

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Hunting Bison in Alberta Canada

Boss Outfitting offers Bison hunts in Alberta.
Contact Terance Boss to book your alberta Bison hunting trip.


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Alberta Bison Hunting
hunting outfitters trophy picturesHunt wild, native, free ranging woods bison in scenic northern Alberta, Canada. Hunt buffalo as they were 200 years ago with very little human influence. You will encounter these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. You must be in good physical condition to embark on this exclusive tour.

In Alberta we have several free ranging herds of bison, of which only one can be hunted. It is known that the bison have always existed in this range and have never been pushed out of the area by man. We know of nowhere else in North America where you can hunt native, free ranging bison in their natural habitat.

Fortunately these bison are not pure wood bison. This allows us to export your cape and horns to the United States. Although not pure wood strain, a bull may weigh up to 2200 lbs. and a cow 1500 lbs

Generally our hunts take place in February and March. The days will be packed with excitement tracking down the legendary buffalo. The journey can be long and difficult but for the avid hunter itís the thrill of a lifetime.

Contact us for more information about our real wild buffalo hunts.

Call Terance Boss to book your next Alberta hunting adventure:
(780) 717-2825

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