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We are pleased to show you some of the fantastic moose, black bear, elk, mule deer and
whitetail deer hunts we've guided over the past few years!

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Alberta black bear hunting with Smoky River Outfitting Black Bear Hunts

We offer a fall spot and stalk bear hunt in a non baiting zone in Alberta. This area can not be baited so there is no resident or non resident pressure. We own the only private in a zone 100 miles by 100 miles of solid bush country. Every year we shoot a few bears in the field at our lodge. This hunt has been absolutely 100% kill for any hunter lucky enough for a tag. I also work with 2 different outfitters on baited hunts in Northern Alberta.  Both are great hunts one includes fishing and one is fly in.  Each have very up close and personal encounters with multiple bears on bait. 
Elk Hunts

We have guaranteed rifle elk permits during the peak of the rut not many places in North America can offer this.  Our area's elk population has been growing steadily since I started outfitting in 1997.  We now have elk everywhere in our zone they used to be in our zone, they used to be in select pockets here and there but have spread throughtout.  As the numbers increase so does the size.  This is an exciting hunt with great rutting action at close range due to heavy cover.
Alberta Moose Hunting with Smoky River Outfitting Moose Hunts

We offer moose rut hunts, trophy moose rut hunts and archery moose hunts in Northwestern Alberta Canada. This hunt has been 100% opportunity for us due to moose density and excellent calling guides. No matter which hunt you choose, you will have a great opportunity to see some trophy bull moose! Our goal is for moose 40 inches and up. Since 1997 we have taken well over 100 bull moose
Mule Deer Hunts

During bowhunting season (late August early September) we see mule deer in bachelor groups, as many as 15 in a bunch, feeding on bloomed canola fields or oats. These bucks bed in the fields in midday, giving the hunter an excellent spot and stalk opportunity or to position a climber stand for a push.

During the archery hunt we should be able to do a couple of stalks a day and sit in the evenings for at least a 170 class mule deer.
Alberta whitetail deer hunt Whitetail Deer Hunts

Our whitetail hunting zone is farmland surrounded by 100's of miles of big bush; it is perfect habitat for whitetails to reach maturity. The Melom buck is from the area and is Canada's highest scoring non-typical Whitetail 286 B & C.

If you want to harvest trophy whitetails book your hunt with us!

Smoky River Outfitting
Box 521 ~ DeBolt, Alberta TOH 1BO
Phone: (780) 957-3100 Fax: (780) 957-3185

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